I cannot be more excited to tell you all…I AM RUNNING FOR BOCA RATON CITY COUNCIL SEAT B in the upcoming March, 2017 election!

As an active and dedicated resident, volunteer and business woman in Boca Raton for 37 years I feel the time is right to take my passion to a higher level of service for our community.

With your support we can make it happen!

The timing of this dramatic change in direction of my life is motivated by my love of this special City. If not now, when? I have no political aspirations beyond my willingness to serve and be a prominent voice of the citizens of Boca Raton.

Among my ideas and vision for our city I include the following:

  • As the city continues to grow I will to be a voice for the residents.
  • It is time to revisit the long-term vision for our city and create a new comprehensive plan based on what is best for the common good of the residents both today and into the future.
  • I will be focused on the impact of increased density and how it affects our quality of life, with traffic being a major concern.
  •  My approach of being a voice of reason, along with the relationships I have built over many years, provide me the ability to ‘bridge the gap’ between the residential, development and political community.
  • I will hold future development to a very high standard and create an expectation that developers provide top quality projects and give back to the community in the form of public art and green space.
  • Progress and development is not only inevitable, it is essential. I can bring my education (BFA from FAU), my creative experience, and expertise into the visioning process.
  • I believe we must value and preserve our green space and public land for future generations. My vision is to maintain the true core values that have made Boca Raton so charming, unique and outstanding among south Florida’s cities.
  • I will encourage business incubator programs at our local universities to help spur future economic development.

On a separate note, it was only last year that I officially became the Editor of BocaWatch.org. This civic minded website has played a major role in enhancing my understanding of the workings of our city. I support the idea of having an open forum and platform for citizens to exchange opinions and ideas. I would like to thank BocaWatch for allowing me the opportunity to bring reasonable and visionary conversation to the forefront.

Due to the new challenges I will face, I must dedicate my full efforts to the upcoming campaign. Therefore, effective September 1st, I will resign from my position as Editor.

But rest assured I will be (Boca)Watching!


Andrea Levine O’Rourke

I look forward to “Building our Future Together”

Check out my website for more info…In just a week or two it will be filled with info and donation information. Feel free to contact me anytime at andrea@andreaorourke.com