Publisher’s Comment:


Jack McWalter’s three (3) part series, “Schools on Steroids”, is a must watch video experience. Using statistics provided by the School Board and other public bodies, a major community crisis has come to the forefront. SCHOOL OVERCROWDING in Boca Raton is ‘our’ problem, a city problem, and it is time that ‘we’ address it within City Hall. Both Mayor Haynie and Councilman Singer are on record as exploring this imminent challenge. Some conversations have been advanced with the School Board and the Greater Beach and Park District on ideas for solutions; to wit: ‘rob’ Boca Raton’s park land as the preferred solution. This solution, however, is missing an essential element; the residents’ voice!!!

BocaWatch is aware of numerous concerned residents, individually and collectively, that desire to participate in a public conversation on the cause and effect of school overcrowding. BocaWatch encourages, no, demands, that the City Council schedule a workshop on this critical issue; an expansive ‘resident friendly’ workshop exploring the relationship between ‘overdevelopment’ and ‘overcrowding’. There is no time to waste….Every statistic presented indicate that local elected officials, at many levels, have had their heads in the proverbial sand ignoring this crisis; a crisis resulting into this critical community challenge. The time to act is NOW!!!

Al Zucaro

Elected officials consider ‘robbing’ our parks to ‘solve school overcrowding; Outrageous!