Publisher’s Comment:

Last week BocaWatch reported that our City Council was presented with a diversity resolution that included the use of the phrase ‘welcoming community’.   The ordinance originated at the Palm Beach County League of Cities by West Palm Beach City Commissioner Keith James.  West Palm Beach has already declared itself a ‘welcoming city’; a declaration meaning that all city employees will not help federal law enforcers looking for immigrants for deportation purposes.  The resolution introduced by Council member Weinroth was a ‘feel good’ resolution and would have passed without debate but for my pointing out that ‘welcoming’ is synonymous with ‘sanctuary’ in the context of the nation immigration debate.  Reluctantly the council agreed to remove the phrase ‘welcoming’ and adopted the resolution with a 5-0 vote.   Linked to this article is a report in the Palm Beach Post covering Boynton Beach struggle with the ‘sanctuary’ issue.   Their emotional and contentious council meeting this week is not something we, in Boca Raton, need to have.   Boca Raton is not and has never indicated itself to be a ‘sanctuary’ city.  BocaWatch appreciates the fact that the City Council had the wisdom to avoid even the suggestion that our leadership’s position has changed.

Al Zucaro, Publisher

Boynton Beach decides: We won’t become a ‘sanctuary city’