Hey Economic development people…what are you waiting for?

Boca Raton is positioned to be the International Commerce Capital of Palm Beach County. No other municipality has advanced or claimed this platform; no other municipality has a Customs Facility on its in-town airport capable of landing most any private corporate jet that flies; no other municipality has comparably demonstrated international attraction like the Brazilian Fest; and no other municipality has international education programs from grade school to post graduate.

What baffles me is why I am unaware of any economic development efforts directed to attract this audience?

Boca Raton sure has enough available commercial space to accommodate any identified demand….but no, instead of seeking new business opportunity, leadership has opted to identify itself simply as a ‘bedroom’ community with most new land development efforts only attracting residential housing, the low hanging fruit, with little creativity and even less economic development promise.

This past week the Palm Beach Post reported that the City of West Palm Beach has been positioning itself as the financial capital of Palm Beach County. Working with the Business Development Board, the city is marketing itself as a relocation opportunity for northeast financial entities needing 8 to 10, 000 square feet office space. A dear friend of mine in the commercial office building business described his business as “off the charts” at dinner this weekend. Two major land owners/investors are planning hundreds of thousands of commercial space to come out of the ground in the next 12 to 18 months….

Certainly no comparable story can be told about the Boca Raton economic development efforts….Why?

Just 45 miles south on I-95 is perhaps the 3rd or 4th largest diplomatic community in all the United States. There are Foreign Diplomatic Posts and Consulates for most major countries around the globe there. These posts are assigned the responsibility of developing business and cultural interests for their countries in the southeast U.S. and Caribbean. A mere forty miles south and I would venture to guess that little if any efforts have been made by our elected officials, our economic development officials and our Chamber of Commerce to attract the diplomat and their attaches to visit Boca Raton to realize our potential….I would love to be proven wrong!!!

To keep this short, the World Trade Center Miami in cooperation with UPS has announced an incredible program worth your attention. This is an easy download… See Trade Alert video below:

I end this comment in the same way I began it….