Dear fellow residents and Boca Watchers:

Congratulations!  What a glorious year it has been!

So many wonderful accomplishments we residents have achieved in our drive to good governance and creating a “resident friendly” City Council – putting resident’s first.

Twice, voters overwhelmingly expressed their demands to advance these goals formerly thought to be unachievable.

> First, by electing resident friendly Councilwoman Andrea Levine O’Rourke.

> Secondly, putting resident’s first, by decisively winning the Waterfront Parks referendum saving all Intracoastal parks from commercialization, such as was in works for the Wildflower Park property.

Our next BIG step pursuing good governance and a “resident friendly” City Council is to elect Candidate Monica Mayotte.   With her on the Council, this will be another great step for “we the people” to not only represented, but more importantly, to have our ‘quality of life’ interests first in line instead of behind Big Campaign Donors.

We also stood up and had our voices heard on making school overcrowding first on the list of concerns to be looked at before developments are allowed.

BocaWatch shall continue being loud and clear with our message demanding that the City Council take responsibility (and therefore accountable) for resident’s livability and sustainability issues.

Let’s take a bow and pat ourselves on the back for all we have accomplished, while continuing our efforts in 2018 for a better Boca Raton for all.

Wishing All a Happy and Healthy New Year and Holiday Season!

Best wishes to one and all,

Joe Graubart, Resident and BocaWatch volunteer