I saw a recent post on social media that called attention to the role that HOAs have to the community they represent.  By publishing this comment below, BocaWatch, is hoping to encourage responsible residents to post similar situations in other neighborhoods and Homeowner Associations.  This first identified situation apparently has been an issue for years in past weather events.  Residents in Carriage Hill which adjoins Camino Gardens contacted FPL in 2015 when they were losing power for hours every 2-3 months. Even though those Carriage Hill residents have underground power, it was fed from lines in the SouthEast section of Camino Gardens where the problems were due to landscaping on the power lines. In particular, lots on Elm Tree Lane have power lines with roughly 25 feet of additional land between the power lines and their property lines adjoining Carriage Hill. FPL said that the individual Camino Gardens property owners were responsible to hire line clearing professionals to keep their landscaping clear of power lines. To their credit, FPL came out to Camino Gardens in January 2016 and cleared the lines which greatly improved reliability. This was FPL’s notice to homeowners at the time: “In order to provide you with safe and reliable electric service, a work crew will be clearing the power lines in your neighborhood in the next few weeks. This work involves trimming tree limbs and palms that could interfere with power lines – and cause safety hazards and power outages or flickers.”

That was 18 months ago and Camino Gardens residents served by the power lines in the SouthEast section of Camino Gardens are once again suffering without power from what appears to be landscaping entanglement. BocaWatch asks if enforcing that homeowner responsibility isn’t an HOA responsibility then what common good is the HOA?  Do the Camino Gardens HOA regulations address this issue and are simply not enforced? BocaWatch calls upon the head of the Camino Gardens HOA and other HOAs with chronic landscape induced power outages to respond to this matter…..BocaWatch looks forward to such response and will publish any response immediately upon receipt.

Al Zucaro