Dear supporter of BocaWatch,

As we begin our sixth year (2012 – present), our coffers are in dire need of help.  Over these years, we have raised and spent considerable funds in efforts to bring news and information to the Boca resident and to educate our city council on matters that are ‘resident friendly’.

We have worked hard to attract and elect candidates to the city council, candidates that reflect the values and concerns of you, the Boca resident.  We have made great progress; won many battles and continue to engage in the war between over-development versus quality of life…. but as you know, there is much more to be done; much more to be concerned about.

As the new year approaches and in this ‘giving’ season, please support BocaWatch’s efforts with a contribution on line at  or by check payable to BocaWatch-official, inc. Checks can be mailed to Bocawatch c/o Al Zucaro, publisher, 6018 SW 18th St. suite c-2, Boca Raton, fl. 33433.  Any amount is very appreciated.  whether $5.00 or $500.00 dollars, your contribution will go directly to our continuing efforts to have Boca Raton remain the best place to ‘live, work, and play.’

The future of BocaWatch and of Boca Raton is in your hands. Without your financial support we could not have done what we’ve done. The entire BocaWatch team continues to fulfill the mission of preserving this community, our community, Boca Raton.

BocaWatch’s message for 2018 is “failing to plan is planning to fail!” We can no longer leave ‘planning’ only to the developer, we, the resident, need to have our voice heard and heard loudly.

With much gratitude in this thanksgiving season, I and the entire BocaWatch team extend a heartfelt thank you to all and wish you and yours a very happy thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.

Al Zucaro, founder and publisher


Thanksgiving image created by Jessica Gray