Here we are, six weeks to the day from casting our votes on March 13th. Have you considered the candidates you will vote for? Our City is in all of our hands and we will determine what goes on in City Hall for the next two years at a minimum.

Respecting your vote, all I ask of you is to examine the candidates. We will be electing a “person” who will indelibly impact our community during their tenure. May I suggest you consider the person before party.

It is now well known our Mayor and the largest property owner in the City had a secret relationship for years. She voted for his projects but you did not know she was paid to do so. Does that not speak volumes about our Council? Look at the other 3 incumbents. All of them have received vast amounts of money from special interests. Do you think for one minute they are not beholding to their money source? Look at the voting records of Haynie, Singer, Rodgers and Weinroth – predominantly for development.

Please, we have to elect individuals who will fight for: Community, Schools, quality of life, well conceived and planned development benefiting all interests – residents first and commercial enterprise second. We can do this together but not with the deck stacked against the voting residents. Singer and Rodgers did not take up schools or planning when they were initially challenged by Councilwoman O’Rourke. They were protecting their big money contributors until they read public sentiment which forced them to “seem” interested.

I urge you to vote for candidates who feel and show their love for our City like Andrea Levine O’Rourke, candidates not in the pocket of special interests and developers. As registered Republicans our family will vote for Monica Mayotte and Kim Do though, both Democrats, because these highly educated, corporate experienced, resident friendly candidates have the skill, experience and ability to be quick studies of issues and will work for us. Not so with Armand Grossman and Jeremy Rodgers. They are being paid to work against us and our quality of life values.

Thank you,

James Hendrey