Publisher’s Comment:

Better late than never.  The September campaign reports have been filed with the City Clerk’s office since October 10.  The October reports will be submitted later this week.  For September we have only two items to report.  These are for the City Council races for Seats C and D, Rodgers and Weinroth respectively.

In September, incumbent Councilman Rodgers reports four (4) contributions totaling $1,750.00.   Three (3) of these contributions are from real estate/developer interests; to wit: Lore Investments, a Chicago based real estate investment company, for $1,000, and the law firm of Gray Robinson and individual attorney in Gray Robinson, Mitch Kirschner, in the amounts of $300.00 and $200.00 respectively.  The final contribution is from resident and Airport Authority Board Member, Jack Fox for $250.00.   As of this filing period, Mr. Rodgers reports a total of loans and contributions of $21,000 with expenditures of $1,425.78 leaving a cash available balance of almost $20,000.00.

In September, incumbent Councilman Weinroth reports fifty-six (56) contributions totaling $13,800.00 with a broad mix of business/lawyer interests representing many of the larger checks and a grouping of residents representing the smaller contributions.   A excel spread sheet is being compiled for a visual of the mix of business/developer interests versus resident interest and will be published in future Election 2018 articles.  As of this filing period, Mr. Weinroth reports contributions totaling $74,380.00 and expenditures amounting to $4,754.22 leaving a cash available balance in the range of $70,000.

The October filings will be more interesting.

Monica Mayotte has entered the City Council race for Seat D challenging incumbent Weinroth.  Ms. Mayotte’s first financial report will be due on November 10th for the month of October.  No one has yet filed to run for Seat C against incumbent Rodgers.

Mayor Haynie has declared her intent to seek the District 4 County Commission seat being vacated by term limited Commissioner Steve Abrams.  This partisan  election is scheduled for November 2018 assuming a Democratic opponent.   Ms. Haynie is running as a Republican on this race.  If another Republican should enter the race, a primary would be held in August 2018.  BocaWatch will keep you informed on the situation as they unfold.   Her first financial report will be published later this month once it is available to the public.

Boca Raton Councilman Scott Singer has announced his intention to run for Mayor to fill the open seat due to the resignation of Mayor Haynie.   This election will take place sometime in late 2018 or early 2019 depending on when the current Mayor’s resignation becomes effective.  Of course with the published reports of this past weekend, all bets on the timeline for a special election to fill the Mayor’s seat are unknown.  At any rate, Mr. Singer must file his first financial reports for the Mayor’s race by November 10th reporting any contributions and expenditures in the month of October.

Sure will be anything but dull from now until March 2018 and then perhaps even more exciting from March to December.

Remember….Your vote is your voice; make your voice heard in the Elections 2018. VOTE!!!  

Al Zucaro