The Palm Beach Post, on Sunday November 12th, reported that the Boca Raton Innovation Campus may seek City approval to expand its technology hub to include 720 apartments, 20 townhouses, a 120 room hotel and 81,000 square feet of retail space.

Alexandra Clough, in her weekly column, Business Watch, provides a comprehensive history of the site, its evolution and its possible future aspirations.  (See P.B. Post’s Local Section – “Former IBM Boca site set for housing?”).

Ms. Clough reports ‘sources’ saying the campus is being marketed for sale with potential buyers looking to significantly expand the uses of this property along the Yamato Rd. corridor west of I-95.  Emulating the City approved changes made in the nearby Park at Broken Sound where the City’s Planned Mobility District ordinance has allowed apartments and shops to be built on land formerly limited to light industrial research buildings, a marketing strategy for similar expansion is formulating.

With the ever-expanding housing influx continually over-developing and over-crowding Boca Raton’s roads, infrastructure and, as was  reported last week, schools, residents need to become diligent of impactful projects at their early stages in order to demand that the City’s planning professionals  build into the formula stricter concurrency standards protecting the residents from additional quality of life challenges.

Ms. Clough’s column is ‘linked’ too below and reprinted in its entirety in the News Articles section of BocaWatch.  BocaWatch will follow this potential redevelopment strategy.  We will investigate further and keep you informed by BocaWatch commentator, Jack McWalter, in future upcoming video commentaries, ‘Listen Up Boca.’

Al Zucaro