And It’s YES.

Good morning Boca Raton,

The Boca Raton question, perhaps the City’s most important grass root movement in decades, has been decided in favor of the preservation of City owned green space on the Intracoastal Waterway, with a clear message that green space and recreation represents the political will of the people.

Residents have responded to the City Council’s desire to hear what the residents want.  Residents have spoken with a resounding voice.

YES  66.79%        28,077

NO   33.21%        13,960

The City Council has been provided clear direction by this referendum’s outcome.  The Council must now take actions consistent with the referendum’s directive.

Thanks to all Boca Raton residents for their participation in what can only be interpreted as a ‘change’ election; a change that is long overdue and so very welcomed.

Congratulations, to the residents of Boca Raton as the city can move into the future within this changed narrative….

The task now is to begin working with the City Council, our elected officials, for the ‘interpretation and implementation’ of this ordinance consistent with the political will.

Again, congratulations to all…..

Al Zucaro, Publisher,