25 Sep 2017

What Boca is Saying: Wayne Barton part 1 of 2

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On this episode of What Boca is Saying, Katie sits down to chat with Wayne Barton, retired Boca Raton police office and founder of the Wayne Barton Study Center. An advocate for community policing, Barton took a special interest in Pearl City - Boca Raton's oldest housing unit and currently one of the city's most [...]

21 Sep 2017

Episode 3: “What Boca is Saying” Goes to our Waterfront Parks

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BocaWatch toured the waterside of Boca’s waterfront parks along the Intracoastal and asked the folks for their ideas, concerns and insights as to what should be done. Our videos and your comments have been received by the city’s consultant, EDSA, who did not participate in the voyage but has acknowledged our efforts. This episode covers [...]

13 Sep 2017

Episode 1: “What Boca is Saying” Goes to our Waterfront Parks

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PUBLISHER’S COMMENT: "The following video is the first in a series of segments profiling Boca Raton's Waterfront Parks.  The BW crew invited several residents and professionals for a boat tour on the Intracoastal to interview them for their insights on the possibilities making up Boca’s waterfront experience.  The parks are currently under a design initiative [...]

31 Aug 2017

What Boca is Saying: Mark Simmons

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Boca Raton resident sets the bar for Community volunteering, and local CEO Mark Simmons finds listening to the hushed whispers of necessity more rewarding than the trumpet calls of self promotion.

24 Aug 2017

Get it Right (2 of 2)

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A continuation of coverage of the latest on the Midtown Rezoning - the largest rezoning project in the history of Boca Raton. Jack goes over the details of the three potential developers' plans for the project. Watch part one here:

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