4 Jan 2018

Stay Tuned, Stay Informed….Follow the Campaign Cash!

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Boca Raton Election 2018 Circle your calendars for Tuesday, March 13, 2018. That is the date of Boca’s next municipal election. Currently, two incumbent City Council members will seek reelection for another three years in office. Both face a challenge from other candidates. BocaWatch will follow these campaigns closely, including in-depth “follow the money” reporting [...]

4 Jan 2018

The Importance of Parental Involvement in Education

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Public education is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. The education of our children is critical to a productive society now and in the future. An educated society is an engaged society. Not only is it important to have high quality teachers at our public schools, but it is just as important to have [...]

4 Jan 2018

School Overcrowding – A Growing Issue

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School overcrowding is not just an issue for Palm Beach County or Boca Raton. Cities all over the country are struggling  to maintain a quality educational environment for their children. Increasing class sizes and overcrowded schools can be traced directly to poorly managed growth.  If school expansion and construction of new schools does not keep [...]

28 Dec 2017

Ask and You Shall Receive: Council now set for a ’Resident Friendly’ 2018

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We end 2017 with mixed feelings.  Our efforts to slow the pace of mindless development in Boca have met with some success.  Development approvals have slowed appreciably, but there are still plenty of projects in the pipeline.  We have a (slightly) more resident-friendly City council who are realizing that their actions have 1) real consequences [...]

21 Dec 2017

Councilwoman O’Rourke Goes Bowling

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Living the Dream! How did little ole me get to be in the ESPN cover shot with the great Coach Lane Kiffen and our very own outstanding FAU President Dr. John Kelly accepting the Championship Trophy after the thrilling Boca Bowl win?  Lucky for me…I guess I was in the right place at the right [...]

21 Dec 2017

Kudos to residents – We Stood up. Resident Friendly Government is Within Reach

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Dear fellow residents and Boca Watchers: Congratulations!  What a glorious year it has been! So many wonderful accomplishments we residents have achieved in our drive to good governance and creating a “resident friendly” City Council - putting resident’s first. Twice, voters overwhelmingly expressed their demands to advance these goals formerly thought to be unachievable. > [...]

18 Dec 2017

What Makes A Bully?

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For over 20 years I have had extensive interaction with Mr. Randy Schultz, former writer of the editorial page at the Palm Beach Post and once a ‘make or break’ opinion maker in the Palm Beach County market.  Schultz is now relegated to the status of a cyber-space blogger with his weekly south Palm Beach [...]

18 Dec 2017

Boca Raton’s 2020 Vision: Economic Development Through Art, Culture, and Public Space – Part 3

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Publisher’s Comment: Saturday evening’s Boat Parade unquestionably answered the, now, rhetorical question,  ‘Wildflower:  Park for All or Restaurant for the Few ?‘   Estimates are that over a thousand people lined the Intracoastal Waterfront at the Wildflower Park.  What a magical night….Dozens of boats decked out in ‘holiday cheer’;  a perfect Boca Raton evening;  and a [...]

14 Dec 2017

Demand Boca Raton ‘OPT-OUT ‘of Using Chemical Pesticides: STOP ‘Poisoning’ Beach Parks and Dune Woods Environment!

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GREEN Residents: The time has come for a NEW consciousness in our beautiful City. It is a time for old methods of toxic chemical spraying in our public spaces to be replaced with natural/organic and non-toxic alternatives to transform our public parks! 'GREEN BOCA NOW!' is encouraging our City Officials and Parks Department to join others [...]

11 Dec 2017

Boca Raton’s 2020 Vision: Economic Development Through Art, Culture, and Public Space – Part 2

By | December 11th, 2017|Categories: Hot Topics, Issues|5 Comments

Boca’s 2020 Vision Part 2: Waterfront Revitalization and the Case for Public Space A central feature of the 2020 vision is the utilization of our parks and waterfront spaces. Across the U.S. and the globe, waterfronts have been redeveloped using a mixed-use model typically dependent on leisure activities, exclusive housing, office development, and retail (1). [...]

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