16 Jan 2018

URGENT Call to Action: Tell Council Members to Vote NO!

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URGENT….URGENT….URGENT Midtown Boca, the largest rezoning ordinances in Boca Raton history, is up for the second of two required hearings in front of the City Council on January 23 at 6:00 P.M….. The City Council is considering approval of the latest draft ordinances that will determine quality of life of all Boca Raton residents for [...]

15 Jan 2018


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NOT-SO-BRIGHT LINE Residents north of Palm Beach County have been waging a (mostly losing) battle against the proposed high-speed rail service between Miami-Palm Beach and Orlando. They argue, and will likely do so again to the courts, that the $1.75 billion in state tax exempt bonds and federal loans amount to a subsidy for the [...]

15 Jan 2018

Campaign Finance Report 2018 – A Deeper Dive

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Some predictions do come true.  As predicted, Robert Weinroth withdrew his bid for re-election as a City of Boca Raton City Councilmember and set his sights on a higher goal as he then filed to run for Palm Beach County Commission District 4.  One can only imagine the conversations taking place among Boca’s political elite [...]

15 Jan 2018

School Overcrowding…’Cooking the Books’

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Publisher’s Comment: Overdevelopment, the leading issue in last year’s City Council elections, is back again…This time, however, it is complicated by school overcrowding, overcrowding that is a direct result of unbridled growth unabashedly requested by the developer and unequivocally granted by the ‘developer friendly current and past City Councils.  City councils comprised of elected officials [...]

11 Jan 2018

Good Governance is Not an Option; it is a Right

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Publisher’s Comment: Thank you City Council Member O’Rourke for your insightful recap (linked below) of the important issues carrying over from 2017 and setting the stage for 2018’s resident concerns. Click here:   HAPPY NEW YEAR…Looking Back – Looking Forward Perhaps the most important concern raised is that of ‘Good Governance’; to wit: assurances that Boca [...]

11 Jan 2018

Midtown Reboot: ‘Resident Friendly’ Now Front and Center!

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With the candidate filing window now closed for the March 2018 City Council elections and the candidates known, the future impacts of Midtown Boca may be be decided with input from new voices not currently on the City Council. One item of particular note about the newly announced candidate, former Council member and Deputy Mayor [...]

11 Jan 2018

Every Day, Every Minute is a Lifetime in Local Politics!

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Publisher’s Comment: With the widow of opportunity closed now on candidate filings for the 2018 local elections, focus shifts on the races, the finances, and the candidates’ profiles.   In the city of Boca Raton there are two contested seats for City Council;  Seat C, currently occupied by Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers and Seat D, currently [...]

8 Jan 2018

Heard It Through the Grapevine

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Wednesday, January 10 is the final qualifying date for the March municipal election in Boca Raton and what has been rumored for some time is apparently starting to fall into place.  We will know for sure on Wednesday, and if true, it illustrates the political gamesmanship the elected officials in Boca Raton will orchestrate in [...]

8 Jan 2018

Boca’s Hidden Valley Residents Win!

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Publisher’s Comment: Welcome to 2018….’Resident Friendly’ may now be the order of the day. The P&Z Board’s considered analysis and negative recommendation with this golf course re-development request to replace recreation with residential is a breath of fresh air for the residents of Hidden Valley, specifically, and all city residents, generally. Kudos is extended to [...]

7 Jan 2018

Boca Raton City Council Campaign Financing: FOLLOWING THE MONEY!

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Campaign Contribution Update BocaWatch is committed to providing readers with a meaningful analysis of campaign contributions for upcoming elections.  At the present time four of the five current Boca Raton City Council members have filed to run for various offices.  As always, the money received by each candidate, and where it comes from, tells us [...]

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