Publisher’s comment:

Yesterday, Armand Grossman’s campaign confirmed what has become apparent throughout this campaign; he will say anything, fabricate anything, lie about anything, to deceive you, the general public, by whatever means and manner possible to achieve elected office; elected office of influence for his developer friends and supporters.

Yesterday, BocaWatch received the email below from a reader, whose name has been removed, informing Monica Mayotte of a negative video advertisement the reader had just received ‘portraying’ Ms. Mayotte as ‘developer friendly’; a complete fabrication and lie.  This email came with a screen shot as proof; a screenshot that can also be seen below.


Dear Ms. Mayotte,

As an avid reader of “Boca Watch,” and a 48-year resident of Boca Raton (a 31-year+ tax-paying homeowner in East Boca), I am very happy to see a resident-friendly candidate running for Mr. Weinroth’s seat on the Boca Raton City Council.

However, while reading the news feeds recently on a mobile device, a video advertisement was served up portraying you as a developer-friendly candidate (please see advertisement closing frame screen shot below)!

Please know that I am bringing this to your attention for no other reason than for you to be able to defend yourself against such, seemingly, outright slanderous negative campaign tactics by the opposition.

Having read your campaign material, and having watched your most recent ‘interview’ on the “Boca Watch” website, I am placing my trust in you that you are, in fact, a candidate who will fulfill a dire need for more resident-friendly representation on Boca Raton’s City Council.

Wishing you all the best and great good luck in the coming election.



Last week, BocaWatch ‘questioned’ Mr. Grossman’s honesty and his ability to discern truth from fiction, a question reinforced with receipt of this fictitious video advertisement captured in the screenshot below.

To review last week’s article, click the BocaWatch article:

Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth!   

Screen Shot:

Candidate Mayotte’s reaction has been swift and unequivocal.

Highlighted below is her immediate Press Release of February 20th  calling out Mr. Grossman for this deceitful video release.

Provided below is official proof as to the origination of this video.  This video has been traced back to Mr. Grossman’s campaign consultant, Todd Richardson and Mr. Grossman’s campaign treasurer, Michael Millner. Also revealed is a connection to Marta Batmasian, who made a contribution to one of Mr. Richardson’s political committees in the amount of $5,000.00.



Who is this political consultant anyway?

Let’s take a moment to look at Mr. Richardson and his involvement in Boca Raton elections this year and in the past.

In this week’s commentary, ‘Riddle Me This’, I establish that three of five votes on the City Council pretty much guarantee whatever outcome is being moved through the City Council.  Mr. Richardson, in this election cycle, is consulting with three of five votes on the City Council.; three of five ‘developer friendly’ votes; to wit:  Mr. Grossman, Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Singer.  OOPS!!!

How can this be you ask….

In 2018, Todd Richardson is Mr. Grossman’s campaign consultant.  He is also consulting with the campaigns of Boca Raton Council members Jeremy Rodgers and Scott Singer.  Hence, if these three end up on the City Council in March, 2018, the situation analyzed in the ‘Riddle me this’ commentary will be in full force and effect.

In 2015, Mr. Richardson was then consulting with City Council candidate Frank Chapman.  Mr. Richardson was instrumental in developing and distributing a negative but informative campaign mailer against his now client, Armand Grossman. (See below).  This negative mailer distributed to the voters informed on fraud allegations brought by the State of Florida against Mr. Grossman concerning some sort of ‘get rich quick’ real estate scheme.  Mr. Grossman almost immediately withdrew from the race after the voters received that negative mailer.

BocaWatch reported this in the February 5th, Candidate Profile article, (click below)

‘Elections 2018…Reflections of Elections PAST; Cyberspace Never Forgets’. 


Makes you wonder if there is any honor amongst ‘political consultants’….I think not!!!!

The long and the short of this is that Mr. Grossman is not worthy of the voter’s trust….He will lie and deceive…He is completely in the pockets of special interests and the developer community and this cheap shot to deflect his ‘developer friendly’ image to his opponent, Monica Mayotte, is an attempt to confuse the issue and demonstrates his distain and disrespect for the voting public.

Like the letter received from the one BocaWatch reader above, the voting public is way smarter than Mr. Grossman gives them credit for. This will most certainly be proved at the ballot box on March 13.

As of this writing, Mr. Grossman has been unavailable for interview.

Let’s assume that when asked, Mr. Grossman will deny knowledge and responsibility for this political hit video; this political lie.

Fair enough….but if that is the case, than BocaWatch calls upon Mr. Grossman to immediately denounce the video; acknowledge that his campaign consultant was responsible for its creation and distribution and immediately remove, ‘fire’, Mr. Richardson from any further involvement in this City Council campaign.

Moreover, BocaWatch calls upon City Council members Rodgers and Singer to also release Mr. Richardson from any further involvement with their 2018 City Council election campaigns.

After all, the resident outrage expressed recently over past deceitful negative campaigning has disgusted the voting public and should have been heard loud and clear by the candidates running for office in Boca Raton today.

Political figures that participate in this type of campaign tactics or allow campaign consultants to proceed in these tactics without accountability and consequence are not deserving of leadership positions in the city of Boca Raton or, for that matter, any other elected office representing the residents of our community.

As my third-grade teacher would often be heard saying….” A word to the wise is sufficient…”

Your vote is your voice; let your voice be heard loud and clear at the ballot box on March 13th.

Vote for Candidate Monica Mayotte for Seat D, Boca Raton City Council.

The below video is BocaWatch’s response to the Grossman lie, click and enjoy: