Publisher’s Comment:

An often heard phrase is “Follow the Money”….BocaWatch is doing exactly that…Beginning in January, BocaWatch will analyze the campaign contribution reports submitted by each candidate(s) on a monthly basis….These findings promise to be quite revealing….Why does a City Council in a small city attract six (6) figure war chests?  Intriguing revelations about the donor class; the attorneys, consultants, developers, land owners and lobbyists contributing large sums of money to their favorite candidate(s)!!!  Revelations about the projects the donor class has in progress or on the drawing board.   Revealing to say the least about the motivation for donating to a candidate, and, begging the question of what do these ‘donors’ get for their cash; what do they expect???  Stay tuned in……….. 2018 promises to further uncover the unsavory ‘business as usual’ political undercurrent existing in Boca Raton politics for decades;  an unsavory undercurrent that is  now uncovered and in full public view.

Al Zucaro, Publisher

Image created by Jessica Gray