Publisher’s Comment:

Close your eyes….visualize this….Standing on the northeast corner of Camino Real and Federal in front of 101 Camino Real; a 160 foot structure dominating the entire skyline. Now imagine walking north on Federal to the very next parcel of land where within the five years will be two more 160 foot structures; to wit: the Mandarin Hotel and a yet unnamed ‘for sale’ condo structure. Continue your walk to the north where you come to a bend in the road leading to Mizner Boulevard. As the road bends, on your right is the existing Townsend Place structure; next is the Mizner on the Green complex; a complex that will soon not be there. In its place will be three (3) high rise building, just under 1,000 linear feet along the east side of Mizner Blvd…..Continue this imaginary walk to the corner and the existing 200 East building begins to loom large all the way to Palmetto Park Rd…..So OK…the east side is now all high rises….The west side of Mizner Blvd still remains with the charm of Royal Palm Plaza….not for long….On the drawing boards is the redevelopment of Royal Palm Plaza to five (5) 160 foot structures completing the vision captured in today’s political cartoon….’Concrete Canyon’…no longer a figment of your imagination but what will be the near future of downtown Boca Raton….That future is now!

Al Zucaro


Image created by Jessica Gray