Publisher’s comment:

Last week BocaWatch reported on the comments made by School Board Chairman Chuck Shaw attributing school overcrowding directly to local government’s propensity for approval of development projects without requiring developers to make accommodations for the actual infrastructure impacts, especially those within our overcrowded schools. His remarks were right on…honest and refreshing. For decades now, Boca Raton City Council members have subscribed to the notion of ‘build baby build’. Elected officials have consistently put the developer interest in front of the interests of the residents. No better example of this can be seen then the words that came directly out of the Mayors’ mouth and the deafening silence of a majority of the other elected officials; to wit:  Deputy Mayor Rodgers, Councilman Singer and Councilman Weinroth….Change is needed!!!

In a related article today, John Gore proposes a reasonable solution to reign in this attitude. More to the point however is the need to change the mindset of our elected officials to that of ‘resident friendly’. Truly the only ‘resident friendly’ voice on the City Council now is Councilwoman Andrea O’Rourke. Is it no wonder that she was the only voice on the Council speaking in opposition to the Mayor’s outrageous comment. (view the highlighted video).

Remember your vote is your voice; let your voice be heard loudly in March, 2018….Vote the ‘RESIDENT FRIENDLY’ vote for an immediate attitude change and a preservation of Boca Raton’s quality of life!!!

Al Zucaro, Publisher




The residents of Boca Raton are tired of out-of-control overdevelopment and want their local government representatives to be more responsive to remedies for the situation. The short six and a half minute video clip below provides a clear example of the tendencies of the five Boca Raton City Council members to be responsive to a resident’s concerns about school overcrowding.  This clip was taken from the November 14, 2017 Regular City Council Meeting.

In this video a resident has taken the time to research details and provide a clear case for overcrowding at Boca Raton High School. He presented his information to the City Council after waiting almost five hours in a meeting for the opportunity. The paraphrased response from City Council members ranged from “not our problem, call the school board” to “it is our responsibility and I will help you.” Mayor Haynie took the first position and Council Member O’Rourke took the latter.

After the Mayor articulated the “not our problem” position, Council Members Weinroth, Singer and Rodgers were silent. By not objecting to the Mayor’s position, they signaled agreement.

As the problems caused by overdevelopment continue to increase we need City Council members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work with residents to understand and solve the problems and in the future prevent problems from occurring.

So back to the question of which of the City Council members’ behavior in the video clip represented resident friendliness? Which did not?

Vote accordingly.