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Nile Fortner is a Multimedia Journalism major from Florida Atlantic University. When Nile isn’t at a bookstore catching up on new books and authors or eating the last slice of pineapple pizza, Nile usually covers entertainment journalism. Nile covers topics such as movies, television, local hot spot attractions, and more for some of the websites and publications he loves contributing with. However, during a class presentation at Florida Atlantic University, Nile found an interest in bringing attention to economic awareness and attractions. Nile hopes to inform and encourage people to care more about their environment the same way he was informed and encouraged.
1 Mar 2018

After Parkland and Changing Gun Control

By | March 1st, 2018|Categories: Hot Topics, Issues|5 Comments

Imagine being a high school student and it’s Valentine’s Day. The wind howls as students leave through the entrance, hustling and bustling down the corridors to see their friends. Friends say bye to each other with a hug or a playful punch. Seniors stand tall, confident, and proud, knowing that graduation is right around the [...]

20 Feb 2018

Gumbo Limbo: World Class Research, World Class Destination

By | February 20th, 2018|Categories: Hot Topics, Issues|19 Comments

Jace, a four-year-old boy walks the Boca Raton nature center with big eyes bouncing around the room trying to learn all the information he can from signs. Jace, who is with his parents, munches on pretzels and he seems more fragile than the juice box he is holding in his hands. Jace’s hair hangs under [...]

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