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Born and raised in Chicago and a graduate of Loyola University. I went on to study at Chicago Kent Law, part of Illinois Institute of Technology, but stopped short to serve in the US Army for 3 years. Moved to Boca Raton with my family 35 years ago and began a 32 year career with IBM as Sales Executive and Business Director Manager with the Manufacturing Technology Center - now the Don Estridge School. Volunteering is in my blood, I especially enjoy working to raise money for children with special needs at the Jewish Community Center and look back fondly on the years spent coaching soccer and supporting Boca Jets football. My two children attended Addison Mizner, St Andrew's, Boca High, and are both graduates of University of Florida. If I sound like a fighter I am, beat cancer three times and I support all survivors who face that same challenge.
15 Jan 2018

School Overcrowding…’Cooking the Books’

By | January 15th, 2018|Categories: FrontPageHotTopics, Hot Topics, Issues|6 Comments

Publisher’s Comment: Overdevelopment, the leading issue in last year’s City Council elections, is back again…This time, however, it is complicated by school overcrowding, overcrowding that is a direct result of unbridled growth unabashedly requested by the developer and unequivocally granted by the ‘developer friendly current and past City Councils.  City councils comprised of elected officials [...]

4 Dec 2017

Boca’s Under Siege

By | December 4th, 2017|Categories: Videos|1 Comment

Overdevelopment is a common theme throughout Boca Raton. From our schools to our downtown, we are becoming a city that has reached maximum capacity. This will continue to plague Boca, unless we can get Monica Mayotte elected to the City Council. Jack is here with more on the subject.

20 Nov 2017

Boca Raton’s Being Overrun

By | November 20th, 2017|Categories: Videos|0 Comments

The entire city of Boca Raton, but especially the downtown area, is being overrun by developers. Jack McWalter takes you through current development projects and the impact they will have on our city.

16 Nov 2017

Boca is NOT an Urban Experiment – Part 2

By | November 16th, 2017|Categories: Videos|0 Comments

Tri-Rail stations can be funded by cities or government grants. BocaWatch researcher and commentator at large Jack McWalter highlights some serious problems other cities have had after accepting government grants. Jack also offers some solutions to the related MidTown development problem.

13 Nov 2017

Tri-Rail funding; $20,000,000 – Where is it Coming From…What are the ‘Strings’?

By | November 13th, 2017|Categories: Videos|0 Comments

Publisher’s Comment: People are asking basic questions of who, what, where and how regarding the Tri-Rail Station anticipated for Midtown. In his recent commentary, ’Boca is NOT an Urban Experiment, BocaWatch’s commentator-at-large, Jack McWalter, begins to lay bare some possibilities for the Crocker development team’s quest for 2500 units. Part 1 of the series starts [...]

30 Oct 2017

Schools on Steroids Part 3 – Parkland vs Schools: A Slippery Slope!

By | October 30th, 2017|Categories: Videos|5 Comments

Publisher's Comment: STOP SCHOOL OVERCROWDING Jack McWalter's three (3) part series, "Schools on Steroids", is a must watch video experience. Using statistics provided by the School Board and other public bodies, a major community crisis has come to the forefront. SCHOOL OVERCROWDING in Boca Raton is 'our' problem, a city problem, and it is time [...]

23 Oct 2017

A ‘Schooling’ Crisis….A Consequence of Over-Development

By | October 23rd, 2017|Categories: Hot Topics, Issues|12 Comments

PUBLISHER’S COMMENT: Along with this article by Jack McWalter, today’s video is part one on Jack’s BocaWatch series, ‘Schools on Steroids’.  All residents are encouraged to view this entire series.  Jack McWalter has reviewed many public records on this ‘over-crowding’ subject and offers the reader prospective not found within the public forums held in city [...]

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