This coming Tuesday, March 14, voters have a clear choice at the ballot box for mayor: three more years of the same person who got us into this mess, or a new mayor who will be a strong independent voice, a common sense problem solver, and a champion for ignored residents.

I decided to run for mayor with the “radical agenda” to fix our traffic problems, create a responsible plan to combat overdevelopment, and to bring common sense back to city hall. Our movement started when we stood together on the Wildflower referendum in November.

My opponent and her Tallahassee friends have spent countless amounts on TV and in our mailboxes attacking my character. When I launched my campaign, I said developers would call me the boogeyman. And they did—literally.

Are they really so desperate that they would rather trash my name then have a serious discussion on the issues? They are trying to scare residents into voting for the status quo, but we won’t buy it.

I am proud of my record. As an attorney, I stood up for people without a voice, and that’s exactly why I got into this race. It’s simple: let’s bring people together and get city hall back on track.

My opponent, the media, and PACs in Tallahassee want you to think that simply because I am a political outsider, I am not qualified to be your mayor.

I can’t wait to prove them wrong.

I’ve never said I was perfect—because I’m not. But, like you, I am a resident with a voice—and I will not rest until we are all heard. We made our voices heard in November. Let’s do it again.

For too long developers have called the shots in city hall.

That ends on March 14.

Let’s turn things around in Boca Raton. Make your voice heard this Tuesday, March 14—and I promise that if you trust me with your vote, I will always fight for you and for what’s right.

I won’t let you down.