Deerfield Beach held their grand opening of Sullivan Park upgrades on Saturday, February 25, 2017. So on Sunday I took time to visit the park – It is wonderful!!  Worth noting is that this park is located on the northwest side of the Hillsboro Bridge, so Deerfield had to solve all the same issues Boca has been unsuccessful at solving so far for the Wildflower Park. Multi-use – solved! Something for all ages – solved! Boat docks, solved! Floating dock for paddleboards – solved! Promenade under the Hillsboro Bridge – solved! Playgrounds – solved! Picnic areas – solved! Parking – solved! Meandering walkways – solved! The water feature mosaic was laid by all volunteers – beautiful! There is a climbing tower so one can overlook the ICW, the Park, etc. The landscaping is subtle, beautiful and inviting. I was there early, and there were already dozens of people and families enjoying the place. Boats were docked so people are arriving via water. It is very exciting to see what can be done with a little imagination and courage – a beautiful and a shining example of things done right. I encourage our city council and park planners to go take a look!